Health Concerns for the BELIEVERS

Written by Moazzam W. Habib, MD   
It is a joy to read these articles on health issues by Shahid Athar, MD, a Muslim physician with a quarter of a century's experience in practice and teaching medicine. In a world of constant dynamism, information highways, scientific and medical progress, the task of keeping pace with the challenging medical issues is never over. Concepts change. New frontiers and challenges are bom all the time. Medicine, too, has progressed tremendously over the past century. Diseases and problems faced by us today were unheard of a generation ago.

Contemporary issues such as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, euthanasia, weight and stress management are eloquently addressed in this new book by Dr. Shahid Athar. Perspectives are also offered on topics as to how to help diabetics who wish to fast, life support for the terminally ill and organ transplantation.

These interesting and thought-provoking topics are well covered in this book. In a very informative, down-to-earth style, Dr. Athar draws the attention of professionals and laymen alike. He seeks to focus on the Islamic perspective of these important issues, missing in the contemporary literature, with references from the Quran. The Quran, although not a book of pure science, still touches a number of issues that are closely related to basic canons of medicine that include hygiene, psychosocial attitudes, food and drink, etc. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by his example, laid the foundation for a healthy lifestyle that is a model for all humanity. Dr. Athar's reflections on these provide a timely reminder for all of us to incorporate these ideas into our lives.

I highly recommend this valuable book to all those who are interested in their own health or of their patients, Muslims or non-Muslims.

Moazzam W. Habib, MD
Consultant in Endocrinology and Intemal Medicine
St. Vincent Hospital, Indianapolis