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Written by Dr. Shahid Athar   

Q. I would like you to give me some main ideas about how to start the point to get succeeding in and become a good Muslim doctor. Would you mind please give me some suggestions. Your kindness in this matter is very much appreciated.

A. Greetings of Peace (salaam) to all in beautiful Cambodia

Thank your for your email and your inquiry. The 3 ingredients of a good Muslim physician are:
  1. A good human being, the one who cares for and loves all fellow humans irrespective of their religion, color, gender or material wealth or lack of it.He/ she regards the sanctity of life and properly of others

  2. A physician who has learned human body , a fascinating machine, how it operates, what goes wrong and how to fix it, without personal biases. he

  3. A Muslim who willingly submits to Will of God in belief in his/her heart and expressed in his/her actions His/her actions are for the welfare of his/her patient with a desire to please Allah.

Know that Islam is the icing on cake. The cake is universal moral code. Without the cake, there is not much value to the icing.

Thus I advise those Muslims seeking answer to your question to try to be best in human conduct ( Prophet Mohammad is their role mode), become a knowledgeable and skilled physician and thank the Healer for the gift of healing to the instruments of His healing.